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Thoughts for beginners

Welcome to the world of bonsai. You are starting out on a journey that can last a lifetime .
This page is for my thoughts directed at the beginners to the world of bonsai. The following thoughts and ideas are not in any particular order and will be added to as time goes by. They are meant to help you on your journey into the world of bonsai and are all based on experience.

 -Bonsai is addictive!!! If you start making your own bonsai you will become obsessed.
- Theres no such thing as instant bonsai. One of the most important aspects to creating bonsai is time.
- Don't do too much to a tree at one time. After working on a tree give it a break before you do anything else to it.
- Make sure its the right time to do work on a tree. The middle of the summer is usually not the right time to do any drastic work on trees.
-Most beginners use tree material that is to small. You are not going to make a bonsai out of a 4" pot or even most 1 gallon size plants. Try using 5 gallon and bigger size plants to start. The exception to this is when buying partially pretrained plants grown for bonsai.
-Have an idea of what you want to do with a plant before buying. Don't just buy a plant because that kind makes good bonsai. Not every tree is suitable to use.
-Take every advantage to learn. Clubs usually have demonstations and workshops. Some bonsai nurseries give classes. There are many books, videos and other learning experiences available. One thing you are bound to find out is that there is alot of conflicting and confusing information out there. Use what works for you.
- There are no such thing as bonsai seeds!!! There are tree seeds that when planted and cared for, in many, many years can possibly be made into bonsai. Seeds advertised as bonsai seeds are just tree seeds like any other. For that matter you'll probably want to stay away from "bonsai kits" as well.
- Try not to get to emotionally attached to your trees, especially your first efforts. You will kill trees! We all have, hopefully you'll learn something each time though.
- Don't be afraid to cut. You almost always have to cut trees to create a bonsai.
-Don't cut to much! Once you cut a branch of it can not be glued back on. Make sure you know what you're cutting.
-Do not reuse wire. I've seen too many branches torn off and other damage done trying to remove wire so it can be reused. Cut it off. The pieces  usually aren't useable anyhow. It makes no sense for the sake of  a few cents to risk doing damage.