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Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone, Bob Pressler aka bonsaibp. here with my first blog post ever.
I'm new to the idea of blogging but have been around bonsai for a long time. I saw my first bonsai at the age of 10 in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I was blown away by them and have been fascinated ever since.
You can never tell what I'll have on my mind so check back often. I think I'll do some step by step photographic and written demos showing various bonsai techniques, from beginner to advanced. I'll post up class and workshop schedules as they become available. I will also post commentary and photos of ongoing bonsai work here at the nursery. From time to time I'll have specials at the nursery only for readers of this blog. In fact lets start now. All blog readers that come into the nursery will get 15% off any purchase from now until September 1, 2010. Any blog readers who order from my website between now and September 1, 2010 will recieve a free 1 gallon prebonsai.
I'll end my first post with a photo of a giant forest planting that I created as a memorial for the victims of 9-11 at the Worrld Trade Center.

Please leave any comments or suggestions for future posts.

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