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Friday, August 6, 2010

A walk through the nursery

Today I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the trees I've been working on and  of some  the nursery. Our nursery hase about 3/4's of an acre devoted to bonsai and material for bonsai. We have material from 1 gallon size trees started from cuttings to 15 gallon and larger sized trees . We  also have hundreds of partially trained olives, elms, junipers, hackberry and more  that are ready to go into a bonsai pot, needing only some refinement to be a fine tree. There is  an amazing selection of world class California Juniper and many other specimen bonsai that really need to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. We grow Japanese Black Pines for landscape use as well.
Here are some recent bonsai's that I've worked on, the small juniper was not so recent I think that was in February.

California Juniper before


A couple of CA Junipers

A little Procumbins nana  juniper before

and after

And now for a partial tour of the nursery.
Part of the specimen bonsai area

More of the specimen area

Some of our material

More material, these are all CA Oaks

Partially trained hackberries

And we'll close with a shot of our  ever hungry koi.

I hope you enjoyed todays photo's and that they make you want to come visit and see more.  We are always happy to have visitors so if you are ever in the area stop by. In the coming weeks, after the weather starts to cool I plan on a few how-to photo essays for beginners.
Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

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