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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bare naked trees

Hello again. This post is about the Baikoen Bonsai Club's 48th Annual Winter Silhouette Bonsai Exhibit at the Los Angeles Aboretum last weekend. In my opinion one of the best shows in California. My apologies to anyone whose tree I did not post, some of my photo's were not good enough to use.
 Every tree in the show was  deciduous with no leaves. Hence the post title. With no foliage to cover things up one really gets to see the structure of each branch of the tree. It really shows off the work of the artist who has sometimes spent many years to develop the ramification that is hidden when in leaf. I hope you all enjoy the trees.

Wild Plum

Viewing stones and Elm


 Chinese Elm
 Shohin Display

Seju Elm

 Twisted Pomegranate
 Root over rock Trident Maple
Twisted Pomegranate

 Korean Hornbeam
 Chinese Elm
 Chinese Elm Raft Forest
 Korean Hornbean

 Founder's Tree Chinese Elm Root over rock

 Cork Bark Chinese Elm

 Flowering Plum

 Chinese Elm

 Zelkova Forest

Scrub Oak

Twisted Pomegranate 

Trident Maple

My Pomegranate

I hope that you were able to at least get a feel for the show. It's nowhere near as good as being there. Maybe it'll inspire you to make next year's show. 
Like always I welcome all thoughts, comments and suggestions for future posts.
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  1. cool, very nice bonsai pictures! I enjoyed the Chinese elm and the Twisted Pomegranate as well as the regular pomegranate.

  2. Wonderful information and images Bob. Congratulations and look forward to further progress.

    Mike Jones

  3. Like any art form; when it's stripped down to the core and all the bells and whistles are removed true talent is undeniable!